History Of Ahlat

Bunu Paylaş

(By Rahmi TEKİN)

Though this work, which studies the history of Ahlat from political, social, cultural and economic aspects, is the history of a city, it is also the history of how Muslim Turks came to Anatolia and making it their land.

This work is composed of seven chapters:
In the first chapter the history of Ahlat is studied from its first known history to the Victory of Malazgirt. The second chapter is assigned to the Age of Ahlat-Shahs, wherein Ahlat reached the climax from social, cultural and economic aspects and lasted for over a century. In the third chapter information is given on the conquest of Ahlat by the Ayyubids, the beleaguerment of the city by Jalaluddin Kharzamshah and then the improvement of the city by Alauddin Qaiqubat. In the fourth chapter mention is made of the destruction by the Mongols in the area and those who therefore abandoned the city in groups, also about the sovereignty of the Ilhanids and Jalairids in Ahlat that founded a state in the region. In the fifth chapter mention is made of the dominions of the Karakoyunids and Akkoyunids in Ahlat and their activities in the district. In the sixth chapter Ahlat is studied from various aspects from the date of its conquest by the Ottoman State with the Chaldiran Battle in 1514 until the fall of the Ottoman State. At last, in the seventh and final chapter the ruins of Ahlat with historic value that reach our time are introduced to readers.

The eminent scholars, sufis and artists that were raised in Ahlat and their works have been vastly studied in this book.

(224 pages)

Bunu Paylaş

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