The History Of Es’ad Effendi

Bunu Paylaş

(By Assoc. Prof. Ziya YILMAZER)

The History of Es’ad Effendi consists of the events between September 1821 and July 1826 (Muharram 1237 – Dhilhijjah 1241). In this book, one of the few most important references of the time, you will read about the incidents that took place in the Ottoman State from 1821 to 1826; the events prior to the abrogation of the Janissary Corps and the abrogation of the Janissary Corps; the eruption and development of the Anatolian Greeks’ mutiny in Morea; the situation before Mahmud II initiated the Improvement Action; relations between Iran; internal and external problems the State were then encountered with; academic, administrative and military appointments, dismissals, banishments, birth and death registers of some persons, reception of ambassadors, conflagrations, natural disasters, and the like phenomena.

This work consists of the full text of the History of Es’ad Effendi, one of the important sources of Volume XII of the History of Ahmed Jawdat Pasha and what Abdurrazzaq Bahir Effendi, who were found in Izdin as the secretary to Sayyid Ali Pasha – Commander-in-Chief of Morea – when the Island of Chios was hit and the Fleet of Morea was burnt during the Revolt of Morea, witnessed and heard along with Ahmed Jawdat Pasha”s appendix to the History of Es‘ad Effendi. It will be seen that the work enables us to have a better understanding of the mentioned period.

The author, Mehmed Es‘ad Effendi, was promoted to the rank of Qadiasqar of Rumelia in the Ilmiyyah Profession; and was appointed to such notable academic and administrative offices as Naqib al-Ashraf (Representative at Istanbul of the Sherif of Mecca), Nazir al-Taqwim al-Waqa’i (Minister of the Official Gazette) and Nazir al-Maqatib al-Umumiyyah (Minister of Education); and took place among the scholars and poets of his age. This work is a history of the Ottoman State authored by Sahhaflar Shaikhi-zadah Sayyid Mehmed Es‘ad Effendi (1789-1848) with his identity as a Waq’ah Nuwis (annalist).

The Foundation for Ottoman Researches presents one more of reference books about the Ottoman History available only in the Section of Manuscripts in Arabic Letters of exclusive libraries.
(896 pages)

Bunu Paylaş

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