Ibn Al-Qamal And Our History Of Thought

Bunu Paylaş

(By Asst. Assoc. Prof. Sayın DALKIRAN)

A number of invaluable studies have so far been carried out on the life and works of Ibn al-Qamal and the roles he played in the Ottoman history.

Among these works with this one titled IBN AL-QAMAL AND OUR HISTORY OF THOUGHT the most significant side of Ibn al-Qamal, viz. his rich knowledge on the Ottoman history of thought has been attempted.

The work is composed of three chapters:

In the introduction is expounded the thought movement in the Ottoman State in the age wherein Ibn al-Qamal lived.

The first chapter deals with the biography of Ibn al-Qamal, his personality, his niche in the academic world, those teachers who had contributed to his education, and his students who had illuminated not only their age but our time as well.

The second chapter deals with Ibn al-Qamal”s studies on schools of belief and practice, and his struggle against those anti-Ahl-al-Sunnah schools that disturbed the continuation and everlastingness of the State during his time.

The third chapter deals with the views of Ibn al-Qamal on belief and philosophy.

This work elaborates such issues as knowledge-acquisition ways according to Ibn al-Qamal, Ibn al-Qamal’s perception of faith, his belief in Allah, his views on the Noble Qur’an, his views on resurrection, his understanding of Qadha (Fulfillment) and Qadar (Predestination), Ibn al-Qamal’s opinions of mankind, his vies on such issues – mostly religious – that busied the public opinion in the XV. and XVI. centuries as – particularly – tasawwuf (mysticism) etc., his fatwah (judgment) about Muhyiddin of Arab and his views about the father of the Exalted Prophet (p.b.u.h.).

(221 pages)

Bunu Paylaş

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