Documents Speak The Truth

Bunu Paylaş

(By Prof. Dr. Ahmed AKGÜNDÜZ)

VOLUME I : In the first book of this series will you find documents on the human rights, the education of the youth and charity foundations in Islamic Legislation and our glorious history.

VOLUME II : In the second book of the series archives documents and findings based upon essential sources as to the fact that the Ottoman State was a Muslim state and therefore cannot be qualified as laic, documents proving that the Arab World became subject to the Ottoman State with their own choice and will, the women rights in Islam and Ottoman Application, and similar issues have been thoroughly studied with all their aspects.

VOLUME III : In this volume of the series replies are given to those who describe our forefathers as kings enjoyed themselves at carousals and the fratricide issue in the Ottomans is explicated; and the 450 years’ environmental regulation is presented to readers.

VOLUME IV : In this book will you read the real prescription and the historical dimension of the phenomena in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, the real personality of Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, who had been misrepresented to the Republican generation and the remedies he prescribed as regards to the Problem of Southeast, and how the lie that the Ottoman State forcefully invaded the Arab soils has been refuted with documents.

VOLUME V : In this volume you will eyewitness the amazing acts of our intellectuals with double standard proven by documents and read the replies to questions about the Ottoman State in light of the Ottoman Legal Codes.

(5 volumes, 1042 pages)

Bunu Paylaş

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